Cambridge Travel Guide for Backpackers

Regardless of whether you’re on a financial limit or not, in the event that you are considering going through Cambridge, England at any point in the near future, you should need to peruse this Cambridge travel direct before you go.

I’m living in Cambridge, UK as I type this and I’ve been here for over a year now; I leave in one into equal parts a long time for my first historically speaking solo travel. This is the reason I thought I’d make this my first post.

What better spot to begin then the exceptionally lovely city you as of now live in?!

This guide is more proposed for the explorer than the occasion goer however Cambridge isn’t shabby, on the off chance that you realize where to look and go however, you can have an extraordinary time visiting the galleries, professional flowerbeds, Universities and Colleges and substantially more!

Step by step instructions to get to Cambridge

Getting to Cambridge all relies upon where you are coming from, and your spending limit.

Stansted Airport

On the off chance that you are flying, Stansted Airport is the nearest airplane terminal to Cambridge. There is an immediate train which is anything but difficult to find that leaves for Cambridge routinely. Trains take between 30 – 40 minutes and the value ranges from £9.50 to £12.50 contingent upon the season of day you go. There is likewise a transport choice which I will clarify in the following area.

Transport and Coach

There are transports that raced to Cambridge from Birmingham, London, Milton Keynes, Oxford and Stansted Airport. You have to choose what is the best type of vehicle for you, however utilizing transports will be your least expensive choice.

The majority of the transports arrive and withdraw at the mentor stop on Drummer Street and Emmanuel Street which are directly beside one another and are in the focal point of the city. To check all costs and times the best spot to go is the National Express site, which you can discover here.


Cambridge has a generally excellent train administration and is anything but difficult to discover. With a great deal of associations with London, Stansted Airport and East Anglia, utilizing trains is effectively the fastest choice in the event that you are in a rush There are three fundamental Rail Lines;

Crosscountry – This is an immediate connection between Stansted Airport and Birmingham, this is the speediest line for anybody going from Birmingham or Stansted or anyplace in the middle.

National Express East Anglia – This train races to London Liverpool Street. They additionally have trains running in the Ely/Norwich bearing.

First Capital Express – Trains to London Kings Cross (Can likewise be spelt London Kings X), additionally prepares to Ely and Kings Lynn. To be completely forthright, I’ve never given much consideration to the railroad line I was utilizing and I’ve utilized trains a ton in Cambridge! I will in general utilize the National Rail site to check live occasions and costs before I leave.

Nearby Transport

In the event that you have to utilize a transport to get around Cambridge, at that point Stage Coach is your best choice. You can get multi day go for £3.30 which is legitimate throughout the day and can be utilized the same number of times as you need on all Cambridge Stagecoach Busses. Transports run each 10 – 20 mins.


Remaining in Cambridge can be costly, the least expensive spot I think about is the YHA, it’s an inn and it has excellent surveys. Costs are about £20 per night. On the off chance that you need an inn they can be in any event £75 per night up to the £400 mark, wow! This is the reason in the event that you are a spending explorer, remaining at the YHA Cambridge Hostel is by a wide margin your best bet.It’s just a 5 moment stroll from the train station and a 15 moment stroll from the downtown area.

Nourishment and Drink

There are numerous spots in Cambridge to eat, lunch and supper, with a lot of spots to purchase snacks, however it isn’t shabby, but to pay at any rate £5 for a decent feast. Look at this site for an incredible guide on the least expensive spots to eat in Cambridge, England.


This segment could get quite long as there are numerous activities, from visiting galleries, gallery’s, colleges and universities to celebrating in a portion of the clubs. I need to concede, the nightlife in Cambridge isn’t the best however a great many people visit Cambridge for the attractions instead of to party.

Exhibition halls

The Fitzwilliam Museum – Free

In the event that workmanship and artifacts is your thing, at that point the Fitz Museum is for you.

Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences – Free

This is the Cambridge University exhibition hall of Geology.

College of Cambridge Museum of Archeology and Anthropology – Free

Clear as crystal!

Whipple Museum – Free

The History of Science

District Folk Museum – Free

For the Folk sweethearts

Exhibition hall of Classical Archeology – Free

Another Museum from the CU.

Scott Polar Museum – Free

History of the science in the Antarctic investigation

Exhibition hall of Zoology – Closed until 2016


Pots Yard – Free

A standout amongst other workmanship exhibitions in Cambridge

New Hall Art Collection – Free

Near the Fitz Museum

Bars and Clubs

There are numerous delightful bars and a couple of clubs in Cambridge on the off chance that you extravagant a touch of night life.

Fez Club

Presumably the most prevalent club for understudies, regularly £3 to £5 passage.

The Fountain

This is multi day time bar and transforms into a club during the evening, it’s one of the more famous places in Cambridge, and relying upon what you like, this could be the best spot for. I’d need to state it’s my preferred spot to go when there is a better than average night occurring.

The King Street Run

My preferred bar, not for everybody, except has an extraordinary air!

The Regal This is the least expensive spot in Cambridge to get a beverage, in every case free passage and situated on Regent road.

For more data on the best bars and clubs in Cambridge view the VisitCambridge site.


Most punting spots charge from around £14.00 for grown-ups and £7 for children. Here are probably the most prevalent spots to go punting in Cambridge.

The Cambridge Punting Company – guided punt visits along the backs of the verifiable Cambridge University. Cambridge Chauffeur Punts – See the well known extensions and schools along the River Cam.

How about we Go Punting – private and shared Chauffeured River Tours of Cambridge.

Scudamores Punting – College backs punting.

Botanic Gardens

The botanic gardens in Cambridge, opened in 1846 and hosts plants from everywhere throughout the world inside 40-sections of land of nurseries and glasshouses! It cost £4.50 for confirmation.

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